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Deep Breath

Take a deep breath, take a deep breath / Slow down your heart, you can try again

Take a deep breath, take a deep breath / Get the bad air out, let the good come in.

I know you've been running / Some days in joy, most days in fear

You can't stop your mind from racing / Keep choking on your fears.

Trouble just seems to find you / sneaks right past the walls you've built

Some say trials will make you stronger / I just pray they won't get you killed.

Trying to be perfect / Make promises you just can't keep

Don't you know I love you best / When I hold you while you sleep.

Still Be Here

I fear that this will finally be the day/ When it's all to much and you walk away

I keep listening for the door, I've been left before

And I wonder how long you will stay

Will you still be here when my life's on track?

Will you still be here when my joy comes back?

Will you still be here even if it won't? 'Cause I don't want to do this alone

When we started out they said it's gonna be alright

"There's a light at the other end where you'll be safe"

But then fell the night and there's no end in sight

And I fear that this tunnel's just a cave

I feel less lovely every day, and I've hurt you more than I can stand

I don't even know if I would recognize myself if you weren't here holding my hand

The River
The river starts in the mountains.
It flashes through the trees. It's clear and cold and clean
It snakes around through little towns still miles from the sea
Cities grow up on its shoulders.
It deepens and it grows, the spring sun melts the snow
It sweeps away the old decay and cleanses as it flows.
Justice rolls like a river, washes us clean
Righteousness flows on, rushing over me.
Darkness comes up from the inside.
It springs up like a weed; it's jealousy and greed.
It binds the chains that make a slave; it destroys humanity.
The river rushes in from heaven.
The water is  alive; the darkness cannot hide
A seed is sown, the Spirit grows, and your heart is open wide.
The river rushes clear as crystal.
In the city of our King, the nations bow and sing
From the throne to the tree that grows with healing in its leaves.
Engine Song
The doctor said my check-up went just fine.
I had to get a shot; this plastic band-aid helps a lot
My next appointment's staring right away.
Wooden blocks are scattered on the floor.
A garage is being built and a city's being filled
The foundation's getting stronger every day.
I hear the engine's friendly whistle blow
The animals have voices of their own
And we can share adventures without ever leaving home
Oh, I love to watch them grow.
The track now branches all over the floor.
The doctor gives prescriptions at the kittens' rescue mission
Everything's more complex than before.
I know one day Gordon's fire will burn out.
The Matchbox cars will start to rust, the stethoscope will gather dust
So I'll enjoy each moment while it's here.
Mountain Laurel
When the mountain laurel blooms, it makes me think of you.
Of the place we left behind and how we spend our time
I will walk along the trail with you by my side
And feel the sunlight falling through the leaves.
The early summer breeze will rustle through the trees
Let the smiling laurel blossoms be our guide
We used to linger in the cold, winter moon upon the snow.
We sat beneath the stars and opened up our hearts.
And I remember times that we walked the canyon heights
Just keeping step together was delight.
When the winter rolls into spring / Every season this life will bring
If the water floods the shore / I'll still love you all the more
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